Sherri’s Top 5 Things to Do in Iceland

The land of fire and ice is what most attracted me to Iceland.  Is it my contradictory nature, or perhaps my ability to see both sides of a situation, or simply liking multi-faceted diversity?  Who knows?  Whatever the reason, the idea that glaciers, ice caps, shifting tectonic plates and geothermal activity all converge on one island, isolated in the North Atlantic was pretty intriguing.

Of course, it is no surprise that the culture has formed with these elements at play, guiding and sculpting it, much like a mighty glacier does to the volcanic landscape.  As a result, Icelandic food and art and leisure areread more…

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Oh So Worth It Splurges in Iceland

You probably have already heard that Iceland is very expensive.  Well, those stories are all true.  I will admit, I never did get used to the $5 half a cup of coffee.  But don’t despair.  Even if you don’t have a tremendous travel budget, an exciting and adventurous vacation can still be yours in Iceland. read more…

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7 Tips for Winter Traveling in Iceland

A Snowy Moonscape If There Ever Was One

So, you have probably heard that Iceland is green and Greenland is icy.  There is a myth about war faring Vikings naming the nations, to give the wrong impression to their enemies.  Well, that story is a myth, but indeed, Iceland is currently warmer and greener than Greenland due to the Gulf Stream.  Only 11% of the country is permanently covered in ice.  Greenland is 80% covered in ice. 

When planning a winter visit, I was actually relieved to see temperatures were compatible with New York winters.  High 30’s during the day and a bit cooler at night.  I would not have to fear losing a finger, like I did when visiting the interior of Alaska in the winter.  In fact, read more…

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A Stopover? Blaze Your Own Trail in Iceland

Blaze your own trail in Iceland“I did a stopover in Iceland.  You know, you can do that for free for up to a week with Iceland Air, which I used to travel to Spain.”

“Awesome, how was it?  How long were you there?  Where did you go?”

“I love it, such beautiful scenery.  I’d highly recommend it.  I was there for three days.  I did the Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik and took a day trip to do the Golden Circle.”

This is a conversation that happens probably a million or more times a year!  Which is in part why there are so many adventure seekers doing stopovers in Iceland, read more…

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A Magical Day at the Glaciers – Touching the Ice in Iceland

I had read about how remote and stunning the scenery was in Southern Iceland.  It is considered by many to be the most striking in the whole country.  Lava fields, huge waterfalls, glaciers, glacial lagoons, black sand beaches, craggy mountains, ice caves, horses with their manes blowing in the wind, the ever violent ocean.  What more could a free spirit want than a magical day at the glaciers?

I chose to visit Southern Iceland for two days at the very end of my trip.  I was attracted to the idea of saving the best for last.  Feeling as though I was exploring unchartered territory, in awe of all that lay before me.  Of course, there are many other tourist on this circuit, but read more…

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Stocking Up on Good Travel Karma

What is That Thing We Call Karma Anyway?

Karma is one of those esoteric things.  Not everyone is a believer.  Without any attachment, I happen to be a believer.  Karma has brought me many blessings through the years.  A couple times when I was on the wrong side, it kicked me in the butt.

I definitely prefer to live life with my karmic bank account in the black.  That way, I trust that when I need to use some up, there will be plenty to work with.  Certainly stocking up on good travel karma is not just for when youread more…

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Airbnb or Not to Be

Welcome to Victoria

So Many Lodging Choices, So Little Time

Selecting the ideal lodging can be one the most fun pre-planning aspect of taking a trip.  Posh or budget.  Downtown or a quiet neighborhood.  Big or small.  Lots of choices and of course, it will simply come down to what environment is going to suit your fancy on this particular trip.  So let’s consider, Airbnb or not to be?

read more…

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Sherri’s 5 Top Things to Do in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park is a gem!  My trip there involved staying at an Airbnb nearby and exploring the park and surrounding attractions over the course of a week.   With so many things to do in Joshua Tree, my senses were delighted.

Within a 90-minute drive (or much less), there are cute towns, awesome state parks, and the natural beauty of the desert landscape.  At first glance, the desert all looks the same.  With a slower pace and closer inspection, I came to notice the subtle variations in the different mountain ranges and ecosystems.

read more…

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Desert Charm in Joshua Tree

Without a doubt, Joshua Tree National Park oozes desert charm.  As a result, a smattering of interesting communities have sprung up around it, all of which have their take on desert flavor.  Joshua Tree lies two hours east of Los Angeles and less than an hour east of Palm Springs.  It has become an outpost for city dwellers yearning to escape for a weekend of desert charm in Joshua Tree.

And of course there are the permanent residents who live in nearby towns.  They have their own vibrant communities and cultural activities. So, as you drive around the Joshua Tree region, make sure to dip your toes into some unusually charming desert experiences.

Here are some to get your started, in no particular order.

read more…

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An Airbnb Experience – The Best Meal in Joshua Tree

The Best Meal in Joshua Tree

Erica’s Cactus Garden

The Best Meal in Joshua Tree Brought Me Down a Rabbit Hole

What started out as an Airbnb experience, morphed into an extended conversation with an engaging Renaissance woman.  When planning my Joshua Tree trip, I was attracted to Erica’s class, High Desert Healthy for two reasons.  The obvious one being that I love cooking.  In addition, Erica’s profile explained that she went to culinary school in Paris and is also gluten free.  At that point, I couldn’t sign up fast enough, feeling confident that I would learn lots of French technique along the way.

read more…

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