Discovering the World

“It’s not the destination, but the journey that matters.”  We have all heard this adage many a time.  And of course, it is true.  Our life is a journey and in fact we may never arrive at any particular destination.

Our life is made of months and weeks and days and most importantly, moments. And in each moment, we can choose how we interact with the world and pave our way to our destination. Are we creating something, being part of something, observing something, pondering something?

Yet depending on where we are, within ourselves and on the planet, we determine how these moments will unfold. The more varied our life experience, the more interesting our journey more will be. The more destinations we visit in the world, the more intricate our personal tapestry becomes.

I have visited a few handfuls of nations, and many destinations within those nations. The more destinations I reach, the longer my Want to Visit list becomes. Because when I travel to new destinations, I become more open to the possibilities of life’s journey. . .