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Sherri’s Top 5 Things to Do in Iceland

The land of fire and ice is what most attracted me to Iceland.  Is it my contradictory nature, or perhaps my ability to see both sides of a situation, or simply liking multi-faceted diversity?  Who knows?  Whatever the reason, the idea that glaciers, ice caps, shifting tectonic plates and geothermal activity all converge on one island,

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The Oregon Country Fair

Oregon Country FairJul. 7-9: I have been going to the Oregon Country Fair  since 1997, but this is the first year I am writing about it.  Why?  Well, for a couple reasons.  Firstly, I did not start writing for pleasure until a couple years ago when I started my blog. 

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Exploring Anchorage — Jan 31

It’s 10am and I am watching the sun peek over the Chugach Mountains.  It’s a sight I could get used to, this is for sure.  Dan wanted to go for a vigorous morning walk and I am catching up on blogging.  Always a challenge to write when traveling, as there is more adventuring to be had. 

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Bonjour Paris, Nuit Blanche — Oct 3

I am sitting in an apartment in the Marais, a district in Paris which a long time ago used to be a swamp (the translation of the word “marais”). More recently it was the Jewish district and today is an eclectic mix of people in what is considered an artistic and gentrified part of the city.

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Beach Days Near Makena — Jun 3 & 4

I am sitting at Sansei Sushi in Kihei, enjoying one of my favorite cuisines (Sushi and French are neck and neck). I am combining the last two days into one entry, because they have been easy days. Even an adventurer needs to have a couple of slow days to recoup.

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