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A Stopover? Blaze Your Own Trail in Iceland

Blaze your own trail in Iceland“I did a stopover in Iceland.  You know, you can do that for free for up to a week with Iceland Air, which I used to travel to Spain.”

“Awesome, how was it?  How long were you there?  Where did you go?”

“I love it,

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Soroa, Village Gem in Cuban Mountains

Apr. 8-10: Soroa is a rural village, up in the mountains, almost halfway between Havana and Viñales.  It was settled by a Frenchman, Jean-Pierre Soroa, who developed a plantation and the coffee trade in the region in the 19th century.  Most people skip over it to go to Viñales,

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Palma Rubia, Gateway to Mystical Caya Levisa

Apr. 14-18: It is not uncommon in a trip, that after a week or so of travel, my pace begins to slow.  In the case of Cuba, I am not sure if I was assimilating into the slow culture or if it just took longer to get places and I wanted time to linger. 

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Andrew Molera State Park – Jun 24

Our last night at Andrew Molera State Park is upon us.  From exploring Big Sur and seeing many of the campgrounds, we confirmed without a doubt that we are at the best one and we have enjoyed the relative solitude here, not to mention we feel we were lucky to have landed a spot,

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Discovering West Camargue — Oct 14

Calendal remains an endearing place to call home for a few days – close to the action, yet quiet enough, to simply sit and comfortably reflect about my days.

We started off our day heading downstairs to the spa. The hotel receptionist led us outside and downstairs into the special area.

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