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Visit Enchanting Souss Valley, Morocco

Morocco had been on my radar and had intrigued me for quite some years.  The images of exotic souks, peddling everything from curries, to wool rugs, to handmade leather slippers seduced me.  If those things call to you too, then your time in Morocco should include at least three or four days in Marrakesh.

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Why Visit Bordeaux?

Bordeaux is synonymous with wine making and for good reason.  For centuries the region has been a producer of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blends.  And for many, that connection is the extent of what they think Bordeaux has to offer.  It is no longer the only reason to visit Bordeaux.

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Soroa, Village Gem in Cuban Mountains

Apr. 8-10: Soroa is a rural village, up in the mountains, almost halfway between Havana and Viñales.  It was settled by a Frenchman, Jean-Pierre Soroa, who developed a plantation and the coffee trade in the region in the 19th century.  Most people skip over it to go to Viñales,

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Viñales, Where Tobacco Is King, Caves, & Oxen Abound

Apr. 11-14: I am totally happy I went to Viñales.  Although I would caution you against going only to Havana and Viñales.  Although it is not affluent by US standards, Viñales is the most affluent part of Cuba.  You would not really see a cross section of the country,

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Palma Rubia, Gateway to Mystical Caya Levisa

Apr. 14-18: It is not uncommon in a trip, that after a week or so of travel, my pace begins to slow.  In the case of Cuba, I am not sure if I was assimilating into the slow culture or if it just took longer to get places and I wanted time to linger. 

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Maui Upcountry — Jun 1

It’s 9:30 at night and I am at Hosmer’s Grove, 12 miles south of the summit of Haleakala. I want to get to bed not too late, since I am getting up at 3am for what will hopefully be a monumental event.

I woke up at Cafe Attitude and the rain was coming down something fierce.

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