Zihuatanejo & Barra de Potosi

Zihuatanejo & Barra de Potosi

Fresh Guacamole With Fresh Tortilla Chips

First, thank you for reading my blog. I hope you get as much enjoyment reading about my adventures as I have going on them. Well OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But I do hope you find your own inspiration through my blog and may it ripple out into your life in ways known and unknown.  And now I will share my adventures in Zihuatanejo & Barra de Potosi.

My blog entries thus far have been daily accountings of my going ons while I travel. It just seemed to make sense in an intuitive way to craft it that way. Each day is generally packed with so much activity, that it just didn’t make sense to do it any other way, as blog entries could get too long.

But since my trip to Mexico was less activity oriented than usual (meaning, it was an actual vacation), Dan and I thought it would be fun (and make a more interesting read) to try out a new format. And that would be for me to take notes each day and at the end of the trip, compose a handful of articles that expressed my overall observations of Zihuatanejo and Barra de Potosi, which is a village about ten miles south of Zihuatanejo.

And so, I invite you to read on and imagine yourself in sun drenched Mexico, eating fresh seafood, listening to the music that permeates the streets, swimming in the ocean, and interacting with the friendly and always welcoming Mexican people. . . .

Zihuatanejo & Barra de Potosi

Restaurant Scenes

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