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Portuguese Azulejos Photo Album

Portugal, especially Lisbon, is filled with tiles, or azulejos as they are called in Portuguese. I took many, many pictures of tile facades on buildings as well as tiled walls and decorations.  It was hard for Dan and I to decide which ones we should share with you. We had to cut many of them to keep the picture album from becoming overwhelming.  

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Eagle Cap Wilderness Photo Album

1_20160724_113148As you could imagine, the scenery here is something to behold.  After inserting pictures into my writing, I simply ended up with a lot more pictures that deserved to see the light of day.  I could describe them all, but in this instance words won’t do them justice.  So here is an Eagle Cap Wilderness photo album and some gems that will simply speak for themselves.

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Zihuatanejo Photo Album

Since I chose to write this blog in a different format than the daily accounting format, I ended up with some pictures I thought “should” be included, but didn’t have a tale to tell with them.  Well, since I am making up my own way of retelling my stories, I decided it would be simplest to put another entry just for pics of Zihuatanejo and Barra de Potosi.  

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